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Sale Black Baby Pendulum 🖤

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Need a something a little extra? The Baby Pendulum Rokz is for you!


Disclaimer - All Black chains are electroplated silver chains and will show silver if scratched. Please take extra care ⛓

A smaller crystal that can be worn like a choker because of its U ring attachment. It compliments the pendulum crystal worn together like this. You can also wear it at its regular length or add the £5 to have the long chain option! 

💡 - Glows in the dark 

🌈 - Hologram, reflects only when the light hits.



Each necklace comes with a complimentary sticker. 

- Statement Resin Crystal
- Silver Solder Topper
- Available in 8 colours
- Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality
- Pendant Size:
- 100% Metal Alloy Chain

*Disclaimer: Colours may vary from the photographs. Please know all Love Rokz are unique and are limited in stock, some Rokz feature may feature small blemishes due to the crafting process, making them perfectly imperfect.

Customer Reviews

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Black Baby pendulum

I love it! Amazing colour and good quality!


Absolutely magnificent, I love these pieces so so much and will carry on purchasing them on every launch. Every piece is so unique and you can see the craftsmanship put into them. Thank you Ryo and Team x

Amber :)
Love it!!!!

This is my second necklace and I simple ADORE both of them, my only sadness is I bought a longer chain and didn’t receive it☹️ but things happen not a problem!!!! This black pendant is perfect for when I want a bold staple but not as bold as my sacred piece!!! Love wearing it everywhere on lazy days lol I looked in the mailbox constantly I was so excited to receive this piece. Love love love

daniel lamb
So awesome

Was a birthday present to myself ordered on my birthday and I couldn’t be more pleases and they even included some extra chain at no extra cost as they realised it was for a guy.
Amazing would 100% recommend to anyone it’s stunning.
Thank you.