Each ROKZ is handmade from scratch with resin so there’s limited items available each Drop. I do drops because it’s what works best for me being in control of my time :) I don’t do any pre orders or custom orders. It’s best to pre plan which variant you want, make an account on the site and be READY at the drop time because they sell out in a few minutes. Be logged into a payment system that saves your card details and check out as fast as you can once the site is activated. The site will not show the items on the day until it’s activated so I can do the stock count 😊

You can check out with 1 order and go again we combine orders, UK has free shipping and we refund extra postage outside the U.K. ♥️

Restocked each drop 

As its a drop we cant exchange ROKZ after purchase but we can refund you 🫶

Please use the DROP DOWN MENU on the site to chose your ROKZ, clicking the photos will not chose the ROKZ when you check out ‼️


Some collections take me longer to produce and are only restocked when I’ve advertised that they are 😊



Each EDEN ROKZ has a flower inside that I’ve handpicked and dried from my garden. Every drop there are new EDENS that I showcase on my story on the day 🌹


Pendulums and Baby Pendulums  

Crystal - Resin
Chain - Aluminium alloy ( (may contain nickel)
Extra chain - metal alloy (may contain nickel)
Cap - Zinc Alloy


Crystal - Resin

Chain - Iron


Filigree - Iron
Cross - Zinc alloy

Rhea Ripley wearing Night Sacred 


Filigree - Iron

MOTH - Zinc Alloy


The chains are CHUNKY and are a aluminium alloy, a light weight metal. The chains come in gold and black variations, please note these are electroplated Silver chains. The black chain will show silver if scratched. 


Chain lengths

Regular Chain Length

50cm from clasp to small chain

Long Chain

65 cm from clasp to small chain.

ROKZ SIZESA SMOKE baby and Pendulum size. 

Baby Pendulum can be layered with a pendulum on regular or long chain depending how low you like the crystal to sit. Most people like to stack a baby on regular and a Pendulum on long.

A BLOOD Baby and regular Pendulum.  

A baby NIGHT on regular and Pendulum on long 

As its chain you can clip the chain on any link so it’s very adjustable ⛓️


*After we print the labels ( normally Monday/Tuesday after the drop ) You will get a - DISPATCHED - Notification that’s out of our control, we post them all together at the end of the week :) *


We are now VAT registered so every U.K. business that goes over the threshold has to give 20% to the government. It’s out of our control. We haven’t upped our prices with the new caps or charge postage for the U.K. All international orders have to pay income fees and postage on top of their orders. 

UK - Free
EU - £10
Worldwide - £14

Shipping times

After the drop, your order will be packaged with love by Ryo, Dan, Sarah and Clare, and can take up to a week to finish package. Usually posted the Saturday after the Drop :) We always strive to get them to you as soon as possible thank you for your patience and understanding with order times. 
All orders are tracked with Royal Mail 48hours and you will receive an email with tracking after you order. 

Delivery times

( After 1 week packing time )
U.K. - 2-4 days
Europe - 1 - 2 weeks
US - 1 - 2 weeks
Worldwide - Up to 6 weeks.

All delivery times are estimates based on time taken after dispatch. Please be aware that now the UK has left the EU, anyone purchasing from outside the UK may be charged customs and VAT duties as their items enter their own country.  These duties are set by the government of each country and are outside our control’.

Once your item is shipped, the control is out of our hands. If you have questions about your shipment after it has left our studio you will need to check tracking and then call Royal Mail or visit your local office. They will be able to provide much more up to date information than we can. 

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages 🖤


Glow in the dark Crystals 💡

I use pigments and materials that glow in the dark, if it has the lightbulb symbol next to it on the drop down menu it Glows 💡

Night Glow 💡

Black Magic 💡

White Magic 💡




Glow Time

The longer it’s exposed to the sun or UV light the longer it will glow. If you have them in a cupboard they won’t glow as they need to absorb light!

Experience a glow time of up to 4 hours depending on how long it’s had to absorb light.

Grab one of our UV torch keyrings to charge up instantly and get that glow going!


DAY GLOW with torch to charge 💡

Returns and refunds

Each crystal is unique and will vary from the photo on the website. 
if you are unsure you can always message me on Instagram or use our contact form.

If for any reason you change your mind, please send your unworn rokz and in its original condition for a refund up to 7 days after receiving - shipping costs to be paid by customer.


With Love,
Ryo 🌹